Making a Racket

A Little Birdie Told Me…

Layan Al-Khaled, News Editor

With an impeccable 25-3 in regular season matches and with championships at the conference and sectional meets, the varsity girls badminton team has proven themselves a force to be reckoned with. Great in their own right, the junior varsity team is 23-6 with a win at conference, and the freshman team is 23-1. So what’s the secret to their success? 

Junior varsity sophomore player Arya Selvaraj believes their success is owed to Coach John Charters.

“The best part [of HSHS badminton] is definitely the program Charters has put together over the years,” Selvaraj said. “From not only the size of our program, but also how Charters is able to make all three levels of badminton into one big team and family.”

Another major ingredient is the drive and dedication of team members. 

Sophomore varsity player Rachele Cameli, who has a record of 40-3, finds that drive by thinking of her sister. 

“My sister Jacquelyn was 6th in state in doubles her junior and senior year,” Cameli said. “I loved watching her play and I am excited that it is finally my turn.” 

Cameli trains daily at the school with her partner, senior Gabby Alcantara. They also practice together once a week at Midwest Badminton Club. 

“I plan on going further than I did last year,” Cameli said.

Throughout competitions, one thing remains: the spirit of the team. 

“What I think has made the HSHS badminton team so successful was definitely the group dynamic throughout the team,” sophomore Magadelana MacLeod said. “From the first day of practice, everyone was so supportive. […] Though it is mostly an individual sport, it felt like we were all in it together. If one lost, we all grew from that loss and if one won, we all celebrated.” 

Helping and learning is key to growing throughout the season. 

“Everyone was determined to win and improve themselves for themselves and the team,” MacLeod said. “We weren’t trying to win for the title or just win for the sake of winning, we were just showing up, doing 110%, and improving at every loss for our best possible game.”