Live Day of Art

Salam Bouso, Arts Editor

As the weather becomes cooler and Halloween approaches, the Art Department will be hosting their annual Live Day of Art on Friday, October 29th, during National Art Education Week. 

The AP Art classes will have the entire school-day to create a complete artwork in one sitting, in a style known as Alla Prima. Alla Prima is a painting technique where artists paint wet-on-wet without letting previous layers of paint dry. 

The art they create during the day is intended to be part of a portfolio. Students in the class are currently working on creating pieces for their Sustained Investigation, a series of sequential art works depicting a chosen theme. 

The art that has been made this semester among the art classes will be displayed in the gallery. The Photo Club will also have backdrops in the gallery and hallway to take pictures of everyone’s costumes. 

In addition, the AP Art students and Art Honors society will be selling prints and stickers of their artworks. Other students have the opportunity to watch and experience the process of making art and can purchase artwork as well.