South Serves the Community


Layan Al-Khaled, News Editor

Hinsdale South is characterized by its multitude of perspectives and experiences. As a result, the importance of serving the community is imperative as it is reflective of the school itself. Clubs such as Amnesty International Human Rights and Environmental Concerns Organization Club echo the sentiments of aiding the South community, and encourage others to do the same. 

Amnesty International’s goal is to raise awareness for South students to become more aware of the world and support human rights. In March, Amnesty International held the annual Her Drive. The Her Drive is a donation drive organized to combat period poverty and help local women in need. Amnesty collected anything from bras to period products to vanity items. 

“After the collections, we sent the donations off to an organization who will benefit from them. In the past, we’ve donated our supplies to a foster care service and a homeless shelter.” Keira Hagen, senior member of Amnesty International, said. “This year, we looked to give our supplies to students at D86 as well as a women’s shelter.”

Likewise, ECO Club, a club started to educate South students on their impact on the environment and encourage them to be weary, shares the same belief on the importance of community. 

“Being educated and informed about the climate crisis is one of the best things someone could do. The lack of knowledge regarding climate change is a huge problem since people are unaware of the threat it holds on the current and future world.” Hagen, who is president of ECO Club, said. “Urgency and action comes with consciousness of the issue.”

Both Amnesty International and ECO Club aim to help the South community, and embolden South students to do the same. Joining either club provides unique opportunities to gain a new perspective on the world around us, and by that, better it.