Setting the Bar


Layan Al-Khaled, News Editor

Anya Patel has been doing club gymnastics since she was seven. This year, she will be South’s sole representative at state. 

Qualifying in floor, bars, and all around, Patel heads to state as an automatic qualifier, due to her well-awarded performance in sectionals. 

“Transitioning to high school [gymnastics] was a little bit of a challenge,” Patel stated. “Although it’s not as rigorous as club, there are more competitions, and for me, more stress.” 

Despite the shift in competition, and environment, Patel found herself able to adapt quickly and score high. 

“I learned to just have fun while competing and not worry about everything as much.” Patel said.

Patel says that this was a gratifying season, and heads to state with a heavy neck, well-decorated in all her events, satisfying her goal for the season. 

The state finals will be held Friday and Saturday at 2pm at Palatine.