Join Stinger!

You may have heard of Hinsdale South’s famed newspaper, Stinger, or have a friend in the club. If you are interested in learning more about Stinger or are on the fence about joining, here are at least eight reasons to join.

  • There’s a place for everyone in the club. 

The beauty of Stinger is that it isn’t exclusive to people who are talented or have an interest in writing. There’s a place for everyone in the club, no matter your interest or talent. If you’re an artist, you can work on graphics, the website design, photography, and the cover design. If you’re interested in social media, you can manage Stinger’s social media accounts, which have hundreds of followers. The opportunities to pitch in are endless!

  • Stinger helps you become a better writer.

From my experience, being a part of Stinger has only helped me grow and become a better writer. You are surrounded by people who challenge you and provide you with ideas. Even if you are amazing at writing, you can still get better by surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Through the club, I grew into a better writer and got accepted to the School of the New York Times’ Summer Academy on a scholarship.

  • You can write about topics that interest you.

Stinger isn’t just news about Hinsdale South. While you can report on student activities at Hinsdale South, you can write about other topics that interest you. Stinger isn’t restrictive, and some of the articles that I’m most proud of are those that I’ve written about other topics such as recipe reviews!

  • You can meet new people and make friends.

At Stinger, you have the opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

Some of my closest friends were made through the club and I make new ones at every meeting. I would recommend joining especially if you are a freshman or are looking for friends. The staff at Stinger are all very close knit and friendly. I promise that we will not bite.

  • You can learn about journalism and other English related careers through the club.

Well, this one’s a no-brainer. Stinger exposes you to the field of journalism and other writing related careers. You occasionally get to compete at some fun competitions like IHSA, too. 

  • It can increase your confidence.

Seeing your work published in a glossy magazine and on a public website is so rewarding! Getting feedback on your work and comments under your article feels amazing. It can increase your sense of confidence in yourself and your capabilities. 

  • It’s not high commitment.

The good news about Stinger is that it isn’t very high commitment. You can write about anything whenever you get a chance. You can even guest write if you want to contribute an article, but don’t want to be a part of the club.

  • It looks good for college.

I just know that everybody was waiting with baited breath for this question to be answered. Yes, joining the Newspaper looks really good on your resume and college applications. It does the job of showing how you are well rounded and are more than your grades or test scores. In a post-COVID era, colleges are especially looking at your commitment to clubs and your writing skills.

All in all, Stinger is a very welcoming and diverse club and it’s never too late to join. No matter the interest or talent, we’d be happy to have some new faces at the club.

We hope to see you at the next meeting!