Garlic Parmesan Sweet Potato Fries with Spicy Aioli


Photo by Safia Khan

Safia Khan, Staff Writer

Click here for the recipe.

Although I LOVE classic french fries made with regular potatoes, I wanted to switch things up, so I decided to make these garlic parmesan sweet potato fries with spicy aioli!


Except for an error on my part (I burnt the fries a little!), the fries were amazing! They were crisp on the outside yet maintained a soft, pillowy interior as well as having the perfect amount of spice and seasoning. Don’t let a fancy word like “aioli” intimidate you! An aioli is simply a sauce composed of garlic, mayo and other herbs. The aioli was amazing and went perfectly with the fries! The drizzle of the garlic herb butter sauce over the fries took it to the next level and elevated the flavor profile with the rich, garlic-y flavor. I felt like I ordered fries from a fancy restaurant!


  • Don’t slice the fries too thin! I did, and after only baking them for half the time they were supposed to spend in the oven (15 minutes), they got a little burnt. I told my family that they weren’t burnt, they were just crispy haha. Although I made a mistake and the fries were slightly burnt, it didn’t take away from the flavor!
  • When making the spicy garlic aioli, don’t chop up a fresh clove of garlic like how the recipe states. I used the leftover garlic chunks from the garlic herb butter sauce that was drizzled over the fries. The roasted garlic that would have gone to waste if I hadn’t put it in the aioli was so flavorful! It added a complex depth of flavor to the aioli, and I’m pretty sure my family finished the aioli before the fries

Although the recipe’s name makes it sound challenging, it was super easy and simple to make! I will definitely make these fries again. They would make a great side dish for Thanksgiving.