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Lilly Davy
The Streets of Chicago

Currently, there are thousands of immigrants being shipped from Venezuela to the Chicagoland area. Texas is sending people in by the busload. As of October 5th, 25 busloads of people are being imported. This has been happening for the past year now and there is talk that thousands of people are yet to be coming. The problem here is the housing of the migrants; housing is short, there is winter coming up, and there is nowhere for these people to go. Chicago has the idea to set up tents. 

The reason that Chicago has been filled with migrants is because the city is being labeled as a “sanctuary city” which means migrants are to be shipped there and welcomed. They are supposed to be offered homes and an education in the Chicago public school system. The problem is that residents are getting angry. 

Where residents are getting dropped off, there are schools located almost everywhere. Since people from Venezuela are coming in rapidly, kids are being piled in schools who don’t have access to things such as vaccinations. What people are not realizing is the horrible things going on in Venezuela currently. 

Throughout the last decade, Venezuela has been going through an economic crisis. Oil reserves, which they’ve been gaining wealth from, have been severely demolished, and they’ve lost trade with countries. Over 7.7 million people have left Venezuela because of high crime rates and the destruction of the country itself. 

Even though many people might not want Venezuelan migrants to come to Chicago because of the overcrowding of schools and homes, by housing Venezuelans, Chicago is saving so many lives and providing people refuge from a struggling country. People don’t just migrate out of their homeland for no reason, and housing these people is saving their lives, opening up opportunities for them that they never would have had. 

Since Chicago is a sanctuary city, it receives 330 million dollars for helping these migrants and providing them a shelter and a safe place to live. The city has openly said they are open to accepting refugees, so now shouldn’t be a problem. 

The people who are directing the migrants into Chicago are being told to hold off and not send the migrants as quickly so they can place them safely and have the tents sent up in time. People are continuously being deported at the border to stop the increase of migrants in the United States. 

The people of Venezuela have left for a reason and have come all the way to Chicago to start over and seek opportunities. Since Chicago is a sanctuary city, they should shelter the Venezuelan migrants despite protests.

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Lilly Davy is a Sophomore and this is her first year on Stinger. She is on the golf team and the bowling team.

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