I’m In: Girls Badminton


Claire Weigus, Editor-in-Chief

Over the past 30 years, the Hinsdale South badminton program has earned a reputation for victory. They have racked up more state trophies, as well as sectional and conference championships, than any other sport in the school.

“It’s just a credit to the kids and the other coaches that have worked with me for my goal and the kid’s goals to keep achieving where we are at,” said Head Coach Charters. 

This has been Coach Charters’ 30th year of coaching Hinsdale South Badminton. He came to South as they were starting this new program, and with his history of playing with his high school coaches as well as in college with club badminton, he wanted to get involved. 

 Every winning team has a winning mindset. Six years ago, Charters adopted the mantra “I’m In” for his team.

“Especially with high school students, it’s hard to separate what goes on during the school day to what needs to go on in practice,” Charters said. “We started this philosophy that once you walk into the field house, once you cross the lines, you’re invested in what we are trying to do, and you’re going to leave the rest of the baggage outside.”

His inspiration behind “I’m In” comes from the facilities of the Seattle Seahawks and the University of Notre Dame football team.

This mindset proves valuable to the team’s goals.

“It’s easy to get to that success but the hard thing is keeping the program that successful. The goal is to keep trying to achieve it year after year,” Charters said.

Amelia Hoch, a varsity captain, made it to the state championship this year. 

She believes that good leaders are fundamental in the process of building not only a winning team but one with great relationships among players. 

“Leaders should be willing to put in extra effort beyond what is expected of them,” said Hoch. “They have to go out of their way to make sure everyone is getting better and working towards the team goals.”

Her favorite thing about the sport is the team’s bond. 

“Even though you only play by yourself or with a partner we all have established such a team bond so it’s nice to have this big team.”