X&Y: Cold Never Gets Old


Keira Murphy, Staff Writer

Despite being released in 2005 and being the third of nine albums , X&Y —by Coldplay— is still an album that everyone needs to listen to. 

Coldplay is a British alternative rock band featuring lead singer Chris Marin and four other members. 

X&Y deservedly sold 8.3 million copies worldwide which can be attributed to the album’s complex themes woven through the lyrics of each song. 

The album name X&Y represents a mathematical problem you use when you don’t know the answer. Throughout the album there is a theme of questioning the philosophical view on the world. The lyrics touch on the ideas of being lost and having doubts and fears. This helps in bridging the gap between the singers and the audience, establishing a relatability that those thoughts and feelings are normal, even if not usually perceived to be by society to be. 

 Though the messages that have ignited this band into its current state of popularity are not always found in just the lyrics. 

The band has a large following in South and Latin American countries where the main language that is spoken is not English. There is a huge fanbase of people from all around the world who might not connect with the lyrics but with the music. Because of the artists’ usage of combining upbeat music and slow moving melodies, connections can be made on levels that words can not explain. 

My favorite sounds on the X&Y album are Fix You, What If, and X&Y. If you want to feel heard and understood then you should listen to this album.