New Class Officers and an Updated Election System


Claire Weigus, Culture Editor

Every year Hinsdale South elects class officers through a school wide election, but this year’s voting style broke all past traditions. The senior Hornet Leadership Board committee voted for their leaders during one of their meetings, instead of opening up voting to the entire school. 

In previous years, other clubs that offer leadership positions, like student council and drama officers, had already made the switch from letting voters range from anyone of attendance at Hinsdale South, to only the specific club’s members. By only allowing the sponsor and the members in on the voting process, the elections are able to be tailored more towards the specific goals of the club in correspondence to the unique set of students making up the committee. These students know first hand each individual’s level of work ethic and the commitment they bring to the team, furthermore giving a fair justification for one’s election. 

With the emergence of new ways of electing school leaders, these other clubs shifting the premise of school elections helped catalyze the Hornet Leadership Board’s renovation of their past voting process.

The club sponsors, Mrs. Miuccio and Mrs. Howard, believe that this change in voting is instrumental in creating a student government that accurately represents the school and has the ability to orchestrate their plans in the most effective manner. Since the members of the club already understand how their peers work together on projects, they are able to give the best insight on who deserves the role and will be dedicated, in comparison to who has the most recognition out of their classmates.

This new strategy ensures that the leaders of each class will not be put into power by a school wide election, where students deciding their officers conventionally expedites into a popularity contest, but now instead will fill positions by people who continually prove their reliability, creativity, and collaboration every other Tuesday morning at the Hornet Leadership Board meetings. 

The senior class officers this year are: Makenna Camden as President, Amelia Hoch as Vice President, Anthony Lavorato as Secretary, and Aryan Patel as Treasurer. 

In Makenna Camden’s presidency her goal is to “ensure the senior class has a great last year”. 

Amelia Hoch’s favorite part of being a part of class officers is “Helping plan social events for the senior class and fundraising for those events”.

These students are in charge of raising money for prom, so be on the lookout for any fundraising opportunities hosted by them to guarantee an enjoyable, adequately funded prom.