Every Vote Counts: Hinsdale South Students Vote in Midterm Election


Claire Weigus, Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the midterm election took place for the first time in Biden’s presidency. 

This election offered seniors all across the country, who had just turned 18, the opportunity to participate in the democratic process of casting their ballots.

One of the major choices that the Hinsdale South student voters would make was over the Illinois governor. They had to decide between the candidates JB Pritzker and Darren Bailey.

Students at South understand the significance of utilizing their right to vote.

“I know how important it is for people like me to exercise my civil duty and vote. I’ve learned that every vote counts, especially in my local community” one Hinsdale South senior responded to a survey asking about why voting matters.

Another student responded, “because we live in a democracy, we’d be literally nowhere without voting”.

Although the process of voting is crucial for our government, it can be stressful when one has not done it before. 

One student remarked on the process saying, “[It was] stressful, I wanted to make sure I did everything correctly, [but] it also felt good to be part of something greater that I’ve never experienced before”. 

Another said, “I cried right after. It was very stressful”. 

Despite the nervousness students might face when voting for the first time, being able to partake in a democratic election is the reward.