Did Homecoming Hit the Jackpot?


Claire Weigus, Editor-in-Chief

On October 15th Hinsdale South hosted their annual Homecoming dance.

The Homecoming Planning Committee is sponsored by Mrs. Lamb and Mrs. Alexander. 

Throughout last year’s spring semester, they deliberated with South’s student body on the next year’s dance theme. This process helped to ensure students were able to propose ideas they thought would be interesting and fun. 

A main component considered for each potential theme is the concept’s ability to have numerous eye-catching decorations. 

“We were really excited to incorporate the glitz and glam of Casino Royale into the tent, hallways, and Homecoming activities.” Mrs. Lamb expressed when asked how the theme was decided.

Out of the 62 respondents in a student survey the majority of the students enjoyed; the energy of the dance, the hallway decorating contest, the ability to buy tickets online, and safety provided by security.

Two new Homecoming additions this year were; students had the ability to request songs for the DJ in a google form before the dance, and a food truck was stationed outside the tent in the parking lot.

It seems to be agreed that the DJ was a great performer and energetic person, but students still felt critically about the song choices.

“ He should [have] played more bangers that were recommended by us then [his] own personal playlist…. it seemed more tailored towards an older audience instead of us.” Critiqued one student. 

Although the new addition of having a food truck offered students a quick access to food throughout the night, the majority of students surveyed rated it a three out of five stars. 

Overall the 2022 Homecoming dance was a success and South students should get excited and start brainstorming ideas for next year’s festivities.