“Buzzing” With Excitement for Stinger Bowl

Leah Tharian and Fatima Qureshi

A resounding roar rattled the stadium as the girls entered the field signaling the commencement of Stinger Bowl. All around the stadium buzzed with enthusiasm, as the wait was finally over. Each year, Hinsdale South hosts its own version of girls flag football to give girls a chance to play in the stadium. 


A unique twist to regular high school football, Stinger Bowl has been an annual tradition at Hinsdale South. Inspiring a bit of friendly competition, this tradition pits both senior and junior girls into a fiery flag football game that decides who takes their victory home.


Composed of four quarters, the girls try to score as many touchdowns as possible bringing their team closer to victory. Straying from traditional football, Stinger Bowl also consists of a fifth final speed round where both prospective teams have a final chance at taking the lead. 


Moreover, these girls are coached by the members of the Varsity Boys Football team weeks before the game begins. In previous years, this mentorship has proved to be a great help for some girls who may not be as accustomed to the sport.


This year, Stinger Bowl is happening during Hinsdale South’s Homecoming week, on October 13th, adding to the festive school spirit. With approximately 20 girls each on both the junior and senior class teams, this year’s Stinger Bowl is sure to be packed with excitement.  Senior Aseel Jarad shares her excitement for the game as she says, “I think Stinger Bowl is a really cool way for the juniors and seniors to bond and get together.”


After a monumental win from last year’s junior class, Hinsdale South is looking forward to seeing if this year’s seniors will carry on their winning streak, or if the underclassmen will be the new champions of the hornet hive.