NFL Offseason Recap

With Super Bowl LVI having been in the rear-view mirror for two months, the NFL offseason has been underway in full force. Teams have signed veteran players and coaches to lucrative contracts. However, unlike any other offseason, the 2022 NFL offseason was unprecedented in terms of the amount of player movement and contract restructuring seen. Star players moved to new teams across the country, while others were paid handsomely. 

The offseason began with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers signing a multi-year deal worth $150 million to remain in Green Bay. Unfortunately for Rodgers, he lost his number one wide receiver in Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders a few days later after signing his deal. Other quarterbacks signed elsewhere; Carson Wentz signed with the Washington Commanders, Matt Ryan signed with the Indianapolis Colts, and Russell Wilson signed with the Denver Broncos. Denver has missed the postseason for six years in a row and hopes Wilson can lead the team back to the playoffs. Other major moves included Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack signing with the Los Angeles Chargers, Bears receiver Allen Robinson signing with the Los Angeles Rams, and Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill signing with the Miami Dolphins.

Of course, the largest move of the offseason was Tom Brady’s decision to return to the gridiron. Following a 40-day retirement, Brady announced via his personal Twitter account that he would be returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for his 23rd season in pursuit of an eighth Super Bowl win.

The competitive parity of the NFL has never been greater, and the chaos of the most recent offseason has illustrated this. Many teams underwent significant changes to improve their chances of winning the Super Bowl next year. After these changes, many teams appear to be serious contenders. Only time will if these offseason overhauls were ultimately successful or in vain.