Ukraine Address


Zaynab Rehman

The situation in Ukraine is fraught with heavy topics that nonetheless must be discussed.

Fellow Students,

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is very unsettling, and although this topic may not be the sort of event cut out for a high school newspaper to cover in depth, we still would like to address the campaign. We have attached links to reputable news sites if you would like to learn about the invasion of Ukraine and familiarize yourself with the existing conflict. A brief overview of these current events can be found below the following links. 

Invasion of Ukraine: A Brief Overview

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion on Ukraine. The northern part of the assault involved a simultaneous, rapid push from Ukraine’s border from Belarus towards Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, in tandem with an assault coming from Ukraine’s vast eastern border with Russia and a southern assault from the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula. This vast, multi-pronged operation was quickly undermined by Ukrainian forces holding their ground while Western nations provided funding, supplies and economic sanctions against Russia. In early April, Ukrainian forces began retaking previously Russian-occupied territories captured on the path to Kyiv. As of May 8th, all land captured by Russia above Kyiv has been recaptured by Ukraine. 

An article that I can use for credibility: