Pride Day

Leah Tharian, Editor-in-Chief

Hinsdale South, known for its spectacular theater productions, didn’t disappoint this week with its production of the Broadway musical Rent. This bohemian musical depicts a variety of themes while exploring the various facets of love, such as Pride.

On Monday, November 8, Hinsdale South students were encouraged to come to school wearing colors representing Pride. 

The musical focuses on the LGBTQ+ community, the challenges it faces, and the societal mindset during the 90’s. The play depicts various topics such as the devastating impact that HIV and AIDS had on the gay community. Additionally, the hit Broadway musical has a Pulitzer Prize for Drama and four Tony Awards under its belt.

The plot of the musical revolves around the lives of struggling artists in the East Village of Lower Manhattan, emphasizing how one should live life to its fullest, seizing every opportunity that life presents through the mantra “No day but today.”

Depicted in one of Rent’s most famous musical numbers, the theatrical work “Seasons of Love” shares its take on how the meaning of life is measured by the increments of love that are experienced.

Rent was a groundbreaking musical showcasing the highs and lows of life for young members of the LGBTQ+ community.