Buzzing with Excitement: Stinger Bowl 2021

September 22, 2021 – The cheers of family and friends echoed from the stadium as the female football players took the field.

Stinger Bowl, a long-held tradition at Hinsdale South, pits a team of junior girls against a team of seniors, both coached by Boys Varsity Team members.

During the first half of the game, seniors took the lead  21-0. When the 3rd Quarter began, junior Katarina Petrovic scored a touchdown. Her success was followed by two more touchdowns by Makena Camden and Savannah Morford, respectively.

As the sun set, the 4th Quarter expired with the score tied 35-35. Unlike regular football games, Stinger Bowl includes a 5th Quarter, a speed round. Whoever is closer to their goal after five minutes is the declared winner. 

Junior Caroline Olchawa sprinted to receive a pass. She caught it, dodged past the defense, and crossed the goal line, bringing the Juniors into the lead at 42-35. 

The stadium erupted with clapping and cheering. The Juniors, along with their coaches, ran up to Olchawa to celebrate the win.