Colleges Reroute to Remote Learning

The world starts to recover from the detrimental effects of the pandemic, and masks are on the brink of being “out of style”’ however, it is important to note that Covid-19 cases are still rising and people are still vulnerable to the disease. 

Recently, a number of elite colleges like Princeton University, Williams College, Spelman College, and American University have reverted to online school. The pandemic has hit these institutions along with the economy hard since this has been the first time that these universities severely discounted their tuition as many students consider it “worthless to go to online school.”

The continuation of online learning provides new challenges for almost two thirds of the student population because they have not experienced and are not accustomed to this new mode of learning. The traditional education system is now being questioned because it does not fit with online learning. Therefore, many schools are rapidly changing their courses. 

Taking a different perspective, for many students this has become a benefit since tuition is significantly cheaper when everything is done via Zoom and it reduces the faculty labor. To see an example of this phenomena, the University of Illinois has recently discounted their tuition by nearly 20,000 dollars for an MBA. 

In the foreseeable future, it is very likely that the materials that the universities are investing in to provide a better environment for students online could very well be reinstituted for the coming years. These unprecedented times have brought to light new lessons, so it is encouraged to find the positives in remote learning rather than the negatives.