Hornet Volleyball is Ready to Attack Conference


In a usual season, the teams would start off by shaking hands, but this year is different. The starting line up wishes the opposing team good luck by waving from the end line.

The 2021 Hornet Volleyball Program has started their season off with multiple victories in only a few short weeks. Before school even started, the program had already been preparing for the season, with summer camps and team practices taking place in August. Composed of two freshmen teams, a sophomore team, and a talented varsity, the Hornets are hoping for a few West Suburban Gold Conference (WSC Gold) wins. 

To lead off the season, all teams faced off against the DeLaSalle Institute Meteors. Though not every team won, the amount of effort shown on the court was astounding.

Already in the air, Keely Sullivan and Maddie Duckhorn anticipate the outside attack from DeLaSalle.

For the first conference game of the season, the Hornets took on the Proviso East Pirates out of Maywood. Every team took home a victory on their own court. The varsity match was especially exciting, with many diving digs from the varsity libero, Cheli Ayala, and numerous kills from junior Savannah Morford. Every player on the floor contributed to the win against the Pirates, either by passing, attacking, setting, or simply providing a positive mindset. 

Varsity player, Kerrigan Long, consistently exemplifies a constructive mindset on the court. “Kerrigan is always cheering loud and does a great job of shaking off mistakes and keeping positive,” said head coach Stephanie Brezwyn, describing her encouraging player.

Kerrigan Long attacks over the net from the right side.

Of course, the matches would not be the same without the rowdy crowd cheering on the players from the stands. Over the past year, the COVID protocol regarding sporting events has changed. Indoor crowds, with masks, are allowed to enter the gym and spectate the games. With the very strict regulations from last year, “[…] it was difficult to establish a program culture where underclassmen could see and interact with varsity players,” remarked Brezwyn. The global protocol regarding the Coronavirus is constantly changing, but the Hornet program is keeping up to date with these changes to ensure their athletes are staying safe. 

The strict social distancing and capacity limits in the stands have been removed, letting spectators fill the gym.

With one conference game won, the Hornets are already one step closer to taking a high position in the WSC Gold. Recently, the Morton Mustangs were defeated, bringing the varsity conference record to 2 wins and no losses. The Hornets take on Leyden on September 8, 2021, on the Eagles’ court for their next conference game.