#SouthPride: Extending a Helping Hand to Women in Need



Hinsdale South’s first “Her Drive” was met with resounding success.

Zaynab Rehman

This pandemic hasn’t been easy on most of us. From missing out on family events and celebrations to not being able to participate in sports and extracurriculars, COVID-19 has transformed our lives for the worse. 

It has forced us to re-evaluate key aspects of our lifestyle, from confronting mortality to the more mundane, such as hygiene. For some, COVID-19 has presented enormous obstacles in securing access to hygiene products.

And no, I’m not talking about the early toilet paper crisis of March 2020. Rather, roughly half the population has had difficulty accessing items such as menstrual products, bras, toiletries, and other hygiene items. 

Luckily, there have been efforts to combat this problem. In June of 2020, an organization known as Her Drive formed with the goal of donating hygiene products to the homeless and others in need in order to combat “period and hygiene poverty.” 

Her Drive also encourages people to hold drives in their own communities to donate these products.

When Hinsdale South sophomore Lizzie Tabachnikov heard of this opportunity, she jumped at the chance. “If I can make the rough waves of life a little calmer for someone,” she explained, “I will. I know what it feels like when the water is drowning you with no one to give you a hand. I have the ability to give someone a hand, and there’s no way I’m wasting that opportunity.”

Lizzie quickly got to work. Between interviews, zoom meetings, and email exchanges with the heads of Her Drive and South administration, she teamed up with senior Sarah Frankel and sophomore Keira Hagen to help host a drive at the school. After finalizing the time and date of the drive, Lizzie assigned roles accordingly and prepared for what was to come. 

And yet, no one predicted how much was to come. “Just in the first day of the drive,” Keira exclaimed, “we broke Her Drive records!” 

As the donations poured in, Keira, Lizzie, and Sarah couldn’t contain their excitement. “It was insane,” Lizzie recalled. “I knew the turnout would be good, but I didn’t really know what good was at that point.” 

The student leaders of the drive would like to take a moment to thank the many others who lent their support and time along the way, including Lilly Funk, Natalie Szabo, Kyra Culver, Amber Rosegay, Mr. Dickerson, Ms. Gallen, Mrs. Polacek, Mrs. Hagen, Mrs. Kokenes, Mrs. Frankel, and Mr. Chavarria. 

“This would not have been possible without each and every one of them. They are all incredibly giving people,” Lizzie shared. “Each of these people put in an uncountable amount of work, and deserve the world.”

The Her Drive is an ongoing project (donations will be collected until February 15th)—that demonstrates the importance of looking out for community members in times of need. 

To all those who gave their time, donated products, or extended a helping hand for this drive, thank you. 

You helped to make the drive what it was: a tremendous undertaking yielding extraordinary success for hundreds of disadvantaged families. 

Now that’s something we can all take South Pride in.