Highlighting Swimmer Bryn Larson


Photo by Beth Walker

Annika Nicol, Sports Editor

Bryn Larson, a senior here at Hinsdale South, placed at the All-Conference level in the West Suburban Conference Swim meet in all four of her events last month. Her highest placing was in the 100 meter backstroke in which she placed 3rd overall. Her intensity in the pool and her will to compete helped the Hornets leave triumphant at the conference meet.

Ever since fifth grade, Bryn was involved in aquatics sports. She joined the swim club she is currently on in sixth grade and this caught her interest. Her freshman year, she made an impact on the Hornets swim team and has continued that legacy throughout her years at South.

Even throughout this very different season, Bryn has made the swim team a positive club. The year was not as expected, yet the girls complied with the difficult precautions. For example, masks were to be worn right after exiting the pool and the paper material soon was saturated with the water. Furthermore, everyone had to remain socially distant by swimming on opposite ends of the pool and staying at least six feet apart at all times.

Though the season was not as expected, it was a very successful and triumphant year for the Hornets Swim team. Every athlete is thankful that the season continued during the pandemic.

ā€œIā€™m really grateful that we were able to have a successful season, all thanks to everyone being careful and following precautions at practice,ā€ said Bryn after the season came to an end.

Overall, the COVID- 19 pandemic created issues and disappointments for every athlete, but Bryn Larson remained positive and pushed her team to success. She will continue to make every experience and wonderful one for the teammates around her no matter what the circumstances are.