Not Just a Pretty Picture, It’s More Than That

Annika Nicol, Sports Editor

Many events during the COVID-19 pandemic were overshadowed, including the Best of the Midwest photography competition in which many talented photographers from Hinsdale South placed high in. For a few years, photographers from South have received tremendous rankings and awards for their outstanding pieces. This year, out of the 400 pieces submitted from all over the region, 7 of the 32 selected were from Hinsdale South. The significant placement of all of the artists should be highlighted over the menacing shadow of the pandemic.

The fifth annual Best of the Midwest Competition, run by Drury University in Missouri, is composed of all artistic works from the entire Midwest area. The 400 entries were very difficult to narrow down, but the 32 pieces selected are shown at the C-Street Gallery in Springfield, Missouri.

Being selected is a highly desired achievement and many students at South were able to gain this ranking. Some of the students who now have their work featured in a gallery are Payton Hinkel, Kamila Maksvytis, Micah Tomas, and Ellie Kerrigan. Everyone should congratulate you on achieving such an exceptional honor.

One student even placed third out of the hundreds of submissions. Carolina Ortiz with her photo “Just Like Heaven” stood out from the crowd and was recognized by the Drury University judges as a third-place winner. Not even a pandemic can overshadow such an amazing accomplishment.

Unfortunately, The Best of the Midwest competition and many other matters were dominated by the coronavirus dilemma. However, the performance of the photographers from South have talents like no one else and it showed at the competition. Though it was not celebrated, the effort put into the pieces is tremendous.