Miley Cyrus “Midnight Sky” Review

Miley Cyrus fans have now become Miley stans after her new song ‘Midnight Sky’.

Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky Review

Grace Simpson, Staff Writer

Miley Cyrus seems to take on a whole different persona for each album she writes. From Hannah Montana to Wrecking Ball, and her most recent song Midnight Sky, she has changed and grown as an artist a lot. The song is filled with catchy beats, rhythms, and lyrics that is sure to make it a hit. 

The song also has its own amazing music video. Miley wears a few different outfits- each interesting in its own way. Everything is bedazzled, shiny, and 80s inspired which helps give it its unique retro feel. 

Midnight Sky sounds like a blend of disco and Stevie Nicks. She has tried out so many different musical styles, and it’s pretty interesting to add disco and retro pop to the long list of styles she has already wonderfully done. Overall, the new hit single has successfully impressed us all again.