Athletics Back in Action


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Annika Nicol, Sports Editor

After a hectic start to fall seasons, Hinsdale South sports have reached a one-month milestone. The seasons for both girls and boys golf, cross country, girls tennis, and swimming have had triumphs and downfalls in one short month.

Many coaches were surprised by the sudden start of the season. Only a few weeks prior to the beginning of the fall season, coaches were notified they were allowed to begin as long as they complied with the COVID-19 guidelines passed by the board.

Normally, I have the schedule set months before the season starts and this year, we had no idea we would start until a few weeks before the season started

— John Richerson, Boys Golf Headcoach

Safety was the first priority in passing the sports for autumn which meant it was about to be a tough journey to embark on.

Not only were the coaches stunned, but the athletes who have a true passion for their sport were also bewildered. Social distancing is still a novel concept in sports, but the students are willing to follow them.

“The regulations are a bit hard to comply with but everyone understands the sacrifice they need to make to preserve their season,” said cross country coach Jim Dickerson.

Everyone is ready to return to their normal lives and people will follow any rules and guidelines to remain in a sport that they competed in during their lives on a regular basis.

Not only negative experiences were shared during the fall season. Positives were churned out while the teams came together for practices. Teams were willing to simply be back out on the track, court, course. All teams have won competitions and it is well earned from the time spent practicing in a safe environment.

Though the world is not quite ready for sports and education to completely return, Hinsdale South is making efforts to bring back athletics in healthy and reliable surroundings. All of South’s coaches and players are trying to make the best out of the current situation, and their hard work shows with all of the triumphant outcomes.