Gabbie Cloutier

Hello, I’m Gabrielle Cloutier! I’m a junior here at Hinsdale South, and this is my first-ever time on the staff of a school newspaper. I love writing, arts, and culture, and Stinger seemed like a great opportunity to combine what I love doing with current events to help keep people involved in the community. Stinger is a super welcoming place, and I love being able to bring ideas I think are important to light and help spread information to the general public.

 Three facts about me!

 -I’m a huge fan of bees--I hope to own apiaries someday and produce my own honey!

 -I occasionally do freelance work as an illustrator and plan to continue it as my career after college.

 -I love everything about the outdoors--gardening, animals, nature, and yes, even the bugs! Nothing makes me calmer than going on a hike or tending plants.

Gabbie Cloutier, Artist

Sep 29, 2020
Do GMOs Have to Go? (Story)
Aug 16, 2020
Golden Night (Story)
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Gabbie Cloutier